zaterdag 13 november 2010

Al Universo - 1976 - Viajero Del Espacio

Al Universo
Viajero Del Espacio

01.Viajero Del Espacio (2:42)
02.Nino (30 De Abril) (3:15)
03.Donde Esta El Amor (2:21)
04.Encuentro (2:55)
05.Adios (3:30)
06.Andromeda (2:15)
07.Mundo De Pena (3:20)
08.Nena Pide Todo (2:21)
09.Sin Tu Amor (3:49)
10.Fue Ayer (3:40)

Jorge Reyes: Guitar, Flute
Miguel Suarez: Drums
Edgar Daliri: Guitar, Violin
Mauricio Bieletto: Cello
Armando Suarez: Bass

This is Jorge Reyes' band, post Nuevo Mexico and pre Chac Mool... The Mexican audiences were not waiting for a prog band, since they were more used to the harder work, and the band separated after only one album...

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