zaterdag 13 november 2010

Jan Akkerman & Kaz Lux - 1976 - Eli

Jan Akkerman & Kaz Lux

01. Eli (4:25)
02. Guardian angel (4:58)
03. Tranquillizer (4:20)
04. Can't fake a good time (5:25)
05. There he still goes (3:45)
06. Strindberg (3:06)
07. Wings of strings (3:15)
08. Naked actress (5:45)
09. Fairy tale (3:45)

Kax Lux / Vocals
Jan Akkerman / Guitars & Bass
Jasper van Hof / Keyboards
Rick van der Linden / Keyboards
Warwick Reading / Bass
Pierre van der Linden / Drums
Richard de Bois / Drums
Neppie Noya / Percussion
Margriet Eshuis / Backing vocals
Maggie MacNeal / Backing vocals
Patricia Paay / Backing vocals

Sort of a concept album here with Akkerman joining up with his old Brainbox buddy vocalist/lyricist Kaz Lux. Lyrically, the album develops around a rather simple man ( Eli) and his old fashioned values while also exploring his fantasies and dreams. Lux`s powerful and emotive vocals convey these sometimes dark themes very effectively, supported by Akkerman`s upbeat guitar which sometimes reaches disco-funk ( yet very textured ) proportions, particularily on Can`t Fake A Good time. We are also treated to instrumental interludes from Akkerman which includes a tribute to Swedish playwright Strindberg and the beautifully layered acoustic piece, Wings of Strings, reminding us of previous compositions such as Love Remembered from the Focus III album as well as Gate To Europe from his self titled solo album. The guest list includes the late Rick van der Linden ( Trace, Ekseption ) who also shares some of the writing credits as well as Pierre van der Linden ( Focus ) as well as featuring members from the top flight line-up from his previous solo album and the addition of a female backing chorus. While not of interest to the traditional prog fan of European bands such as Triumvirat, Eloy or Hoelderlin to mention a few, this album nevertheless sounds very "European" and despite it`s funkiness at times it retains a certain amount of sophistication which is also conveyed through the album sleeve showing a very astute portrait of the two collaborators. If you are able to locate a copy of the original vinyl edition it comes with some interesting art work as well as a lyric sheet. Recommended for Akkerman fans as well as for the adventurous.

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