zondag 28 november 2010

American Blues - 1968 - Is Here

American Blues
Is Here

01. If I Were A Carpenter 5:26
02. All I Saw Was You 3:46
03. She'll Be Mine 1:51
04. Fugfue For Lady Cheriff 2:14
05. It's Gone 1:59
06. Keep My Heart In A Rage 2:40
07. Mercury Blues 4:15
08. Melted Like Snow 3:16
09. Mellow

Rocky Hill - guitar
Dusty Hill - bass
Richard Harris - drums
Doug Davis - piano on "Mellow"
Frank Beard - drums

One of the better known Dallas bands of this era American Blues were originally known as The Warlocks and also an important stepping stone for Dusty Hill and Frank Beard before they went on to join ZZ Top. Their first album was produced by Scotty McKay and recorded at Robin Hood Brian's studio in Tyler, Texas. Side one is predominantly psychedelic and a 45 from it was issued the following year. Side two was in more of a heavy rock style. It did well enough to attract the interest of EMI subsidiary UNI who signed the band. The result was Do Their Thing, which was basically a blues rock album with some psychedelic trappings. It did have its moments and You Were So Close To Me, Softly To The Sun, Just Plain Jane and Dreams are the better tracks. However, the sales were poor and UNI quietly dropped the band.

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