zondag 14 november 2010

Alex Oriental Experience - 1973 - Tales Of Purple Sally

Alex Oriental Experience
Tales Of Purple Sally

01. Tatelle black
02. Ekmekh
03. Turkish tune
04. Big boss smile
05. Derule
06. Monroe song
07. Silent farewell
08. Anatoly highway
09. Tales of purple sally

- Alex / guitars
- Holger Czukay / electronics
- Jaki Liebezeit / drums

Magnificent Kraut meets Oriental albums by one of the considered pioneers of the genre. Members of Can participated in these first two records(inc.Jaki Liebezeit,Helmut Hattler,Horst Stachelhaus and others). These 2 first records of Alex Wiska came with simply his name:Alex and are much more oriental/Turkish rock oriented.His later ones are under the name Alex Oriental Experience and are much more space rock /kraut oriented. Many comparisons were made with the Turkish band Cem Karaca(coming soon here) .Great saz tunes by Alex and good accompanied by some of the brightest names of German rock scene.Highly recommented... not to be missed!

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