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Amon Düül - 1971 - Disaster Luud Noma!

Amon Düül 
Disaster Luud Noma!

01. Drum Things (Erschlagzeugtes) (9:12)
02. Asynchron (Verjault Und Zugeredet) (7:37)
03. Yea Yea Yea (Zerbeatelt) (1:00)
04. Broken (Ofensivitaaten) (7:26)
05. Somnium (Trauma) (9:30)
06. Frequency (Entzewi) (9:53)
07. Autonomes (Eintdrei) (5:37)
08. Chaoticolour (Entsext) (7:43)
09. Expressionidiom (Kapuntterbunt) (1:48)
10. Alititude (Quaar Feld Aus) (1:01)
11. Impropulsion (Noch'n Lied) (6:13)

- Uschi Obermeier / percussion
- Ella Bauer / vocals, percussion
- Rainer Bauer / vocals, guitar
- Angelika Filanda / vocals, percussion
- Helge Filanda / vocals, percussion
- Wolfgang Krischke / keyboards, percussion
- Peter Leopold / drums
- Ullrich Leopold / bass 

Released in 1972 by means of BASF (yes, the well-known German tapes' brand), 'Disaster' is the last album appeared under the name of Amon Duul, and it appeared after the band had broken up.
Originally a double LP on vinyl, and with numerous, long tracks, all obtained in a 1968's chaotic improvisational session, as the first two albums.
How to depict the music of Amon Duul? Impossible really, how to tell if this is great or if is a sort of aural manure? One thing it is not: commercial, and I'm going to abstain myself from rating Amon Duul albums, because it would be, I assume, excessively subjective: this music cannot be rated if you're serious.

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