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Amon Düül II - 1992 - BBC Radio 1 Live in Concert (1973)

Amon Düül II
BBC Radio 1 Live in Concert (1973)

01. Ladies Mimmikry
02. Kanaan
03. Dem Guter, Schönen, Wahren
04. Green Bubble Raincoated Man
05. Manana
06. Trap

From the sessions for Dance of the Lemmings
07. Marilyn Monroe Memorial Drums
08. Chewing Gum Telegram (alternative mix)

- Renate Knaup / vocals
- Chris Karrer / guitars, violin, sax, vocals
- John Weinzierl / guitars, bass
- Danny Fischelscher / drums, guitars, bass, vocals
- Peter Leopold / drums
- Falk-U. Rogner / synthesizer-organ, photos, design 

Not as Good, as Live in London but still a very good, recorded live at the Golders Green Hippodrome For the BBC in 1973 Duul's Live playing is at time's some what Chaotic , but then again that adds a certain charm to the Music the stand out tracks for me are Green Bubble Raincoated Man and Trap both these Tracks featuring the Wonderful Renate Knaup on Vocals , and from the First Album Kanaan which features some Sweet Guitar Playing by John Weinzrel , the cd also features two Bonus Tracks Taken from the Dance of the Lemmings sessions, Marilyn Monroe Memorial Drums the Title of that track just about tells you what it is and the final track Chewing Gum Telegram which is some typical Amon Duul2 Jamming , if your looking for some Amon Duul 2 for the first time this Cd would not be for you Try Wolf City or Yeti , But if your a Duul2 fan then this Cd is essential to your Collection.

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