zondag 21 november 2010

Alrune Rod - 1975 - Tatuba Tapes

Alrune Rod
Tatuba Tapes

01. Lad Os Sammen Finde Andre
02. Her I Solen
03. Narmest Blå
04. Du Må Andre Hvad Du Vil
05. Senere

- Leif Roden/bass,vocals
- Karsten Høst/Drums
- Ole Poulsen/guitar
- Mikael Miller/guitar, vocals
-Tom Torben Og Pastor/keyboards

The last concert was in 1975 in Club Tatuba, Copenhagen. The hippie era ended, Tatuba closed, the music took another sharp turn towards the more commerciel style. Many musicians and record companies became upperclass and so it should be from then on... But Alrune Rod ended with style, and this 8 hours long concert was recorded (but only on 2 tracks - it could not be mixed) - but 35 minuttes found its way to this historical record.

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