zaterdag 13 november 2010

Alco - 1970 - Threads Of Life

Threads Of Life

01. When I Was A Child
02. Rain Upon My Mind
03. In My Dreams
04. Waiting To Be Born
05. Look At The Clouds
06. Linda
07. Hello Love
08. The Chordbuster March
09. Carry Me Back To Old Virginny
10. De Animals
11. Humble
12. Bill Grogan's Goat
13. Ashmolian Band

Tim Ceasar: Keyboards & Lead Vocals
Paul Fidlin: Bass, Guitars
Ben Brooke: Bass, Guitars
Julian Cesar: Drums, Synthesizers

Excellent UK private LP that easily breaks free of conventionalism. My best description would be dreamy british garage sounds with a 40-piece orchestra backing the proceedings. It almost sounds as if it were recorded in an auditorium using only a handful of microphones. The production is cavernous. Unique and totally original.

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