zondag 21 november 2010

Alrune Rod - 2002 - Alrunen Live I Aalborg

Alrune Rod 
Alrunen Live I Aalborg

1- Natskyggevej
2- Ikke Forstyrre
3- Spredt For Vinden
4- Du Taler & SIR
5- Rejsende Hjem

This is Alrune Rod LIVE year 2002 in Aalborg Denmark.
This band has matured with grace. Never has Alrune Rod sounded so great and played so good, with a huge convincing sound.
Bravo! In first generations' rock's autumn we have captured a gigant in Danish symphonic rock in their best mood, and at the no 1 hippie - music club: Fedtebroed in Aalborgh

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