zondag 28 november 2010

American Breed - 1968 - Pumpkin Powder Scarlet Green

American Breed
Pumpkin Powder Scarlet Green 

01- Pumpkin
02- Cool It (We're Not Alone)
03- Welcome, You're In Love
04- The Right To Cry
05- Ready, Willing And Able
06- Take Me If You Want Me
07- Powder
08- Scarlet
09- Anyway That You Want Me
10- Master Of My Fate
11- Music To Think By
12- Train On A One-Track Mind
13- I'm Gonna Make You Mine
14- Green

This Chicago band was best known for their huge hit "Bend Me, Shape Me". "Pumpkin, Powder, Scarlet And Green" was their third album (Acta/Dot SMD 74445 / 1968) and it's a pretty good one indeed. "Cool It" for instance was a hit that never was, very danceable and powerful that nearly touches Northern Soul territory. "Welcome You're In Love" and "Master Of My Fate" (with sitar) were the other winners. Not a lost gem but except for "The Right To Cry" and "Music To Think By" a constantly good record although there's a bit too much brass at times.

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