zaterdag 13 november 2010

Aktuala - 1976 - Tappeto Volante

Tappeto Volante

01. Churinga
02. Ohnedaruth
03. Ugula baliuè african planet
04. Il ritmo del cammello
05. Hare
06. Mr Trilok
07. Chitarra e piffero
08. Echo raga
09. Mediterraneo
10. Flash
11. Waruna
12. Aksak
13. Nettuno dio del mare

- Walter Maioli / arabic oboe, wooden flute, naj, bass flute, maranzano, bass harmonica, sil-sil, seeds, desert flute, sea triton, zampogna, reeds, whistles, bells
- Daniele Cavallanti / Soprano saxophone, dolak, derbuka
- Antonio Cerantola / acoustic guitar
- Kela Rangoni Macchiavelli / zanza, tamboura, maracas, seeds, rings
- Fabrizio Cassanoi / sitar
- Marjon Klok / harp, Tamboura, bells, sil-sil, cymbals
- Trilok Gurtu / tabla, snake drums, maroccan bongos, cymbals, xylophone, cow bells, sil-sil, wood block

Aktuala was incredible italian world-music band, actually a commune of such music lovers. They used very different music instruments of different cultures. The music of Aktuala is one chance to raise a human being upwards realities. Aktuala was founded and lead by Walter Maioli who is nowadays well-known ethnomusicologist, thanks to him for example I have listened something about music of ancient Rome. Tappeto Volante is the 3rd and last recording of Aktuala. I had my first chance to listen this surprisingly fantastic record yesterday. I have read the comments of the listeners that they usually prefer Aktuala (1973) and La Terra (1974). I think maybe I prefer this one to La Terra (unfortunately haven't have a chance to listen the 1st one from 1973). This music is not Arvo Pärt and Giya Kancheli but Tappeto Volante is undoubtedly great psychedelic aspiration to reach to idealities of music and fine arts. In this record (inspirated by Aktuala's members' journey to Morocco) we can listen such kinds of different instruments like for example arabic oboe, wooden flute, nay, darabukka, tamboura, sitar, harp, moroccan congas, maracas, tabla (Trilok Gurtu was in the band this time)... In my oppinion the highlights are: Il Ritmo Del Cammello, Echo Raga, Waruna. Everything in this album is musically great in spite of the guality of recording.

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  1. Very good music, like Third Ear Band but more sunniest !