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Andromeda (GER) - 1970 - Andromeda


01. Andromeda - 5:25
02. Cosmos Main Road - 4:57
03. Galaxy Of Beauty, Galaxy Of Nightmares - 8:05
04. A world On A Star - 4:40
05. Space trip - 7:33
06. Rockets - 8:27
07. Silvery Lady Star - 4:39

Peter Schild (Hammond organ, piano)
Günter Steinborn (drums)
Gerry Fleming (bass)
Tony Hendrick (guitar)

German group unknown, record a solo disc for a French label for you then definitely miss their mark. The style is a hard-rock-inspired jazz-blues, where in some points very similar to the COLOSSEUM. Perhaps with some more hard you could watch a band interesting.
The disc opens with the homonymous track Andromeda, already presenting a hard-rock with keyboards in the spotlight. There is no shortage of ideas especially in jazz where the final round of the bottom seems borrowed from Valentyna Suite.
Cosmos Main Road following the introduction performed by the classical piano for one song in a half a pulled very hard rock. Beautiful work done by the keyboards.
Galaxy is a blues-rock more conventional although there are also some interesting changes with melody in choral style.
A World On A Star is a slow song for piano and organ once again in classic style.
Space Trip breaks again with a very hard-rock pulled out is where the long drum solo finish which highlights the technical qualities of Steinborn absolutely not be underestimated.
Rockets is one of the best evidence of the disk being the longest track. The starting point is the jazz-rock but scattered inside you can hear psychedelic cues that make the track more deep and fascinating.
Closes Lady Silver Star, the most pop track that adds little or nothing to the rest of the disc.

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