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Andwellas Dream - 1969 - Love And Poetry

Andwellas Dream
Love And Poetry

01. The Days Grew Longer for Love
02. Sunday
03. Lost a Number Found A King
04. Man Without a Name
05. Clockwork Man
06. Cocaine
07. Shades of Grey
08. High on a Mountain
09. Andwella
10. Midday Sun
11. Take me Road
12. Felix
13. Goodbye

An incredible album by this group from Nothern Ireland. It didn't do well commercially, which was something of no interest to Andwella's Dream, you could say they were one of the few bands who really did mean it when they said it wasn't about the money.

This is one of those albums that sneaks up on you. When I first heard this, it's reputation had preceded it, and I was expecting another British holy grail of late 60's psych - it wasn't, and I was disappointed. This is precisely the reason I am reluctant to want to talk up any record I really like, because anyone taking my opinion seriously will have high hopes that may not be realised on first listen. As I read the notes I had made from way back then, it became apparent that a re-listen was called for, and I am grateful I did! I must have had my head severely up my ass back then (and maybe even still do!), because most of my grades for these tracks have been severely notched up. The album is not overtly psychedelic, but grabs you with the overall quality of the mat'l. It is only later that it dawns on you that "yeah, that IS psychedelic". Featuring good guitar (sometimes overdubbed with dual guitar), organ, powerful drumming, and even a few proto-prog moves, it's the good song writing that ropes you in, and if it doesn't the first time 'round, then it probably will the next.
One incidental: this appears to be an exact reissue of the original LP. However, there is clearly an extra cut, with it's own delineation bands, on side one. This cut has no mention on either the original back cover (precisely duplicated on this issue), or the label (not a repro of the original). I don't know if this track appears on the original 1969 issue or not, but I must assume it does not, and is therefor, a bonus track on this reissue. I have entered it in the track listing as a bonus cut, but if anyone can verify it as part of the preceding or following tracks, I would appreciate it.
This album holds all the keys to a psychedelic album, pushing their instruments to limits! Lovely mixture of melody and psych-rock. Great solo's weather it's on the guitar or organ! Some blues is mixed it, but discretely and only works to flatter the great psychedelia thats pushed out! Really is an excellent album! If you haven't got it.. what are you waiting for!

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