zondag 28 november 2010

Amon Düül II - 1996 - Kobe (Reconstruction)

Amon Düül II
Kobe (Reconstruction)

01. Hallimasch (11:29)
02. Kupplungen (13:25)
03. Kronwinkel 13 - Der Große Herd (11:03)
04. Verwandschaft (0:24)
05. Trabbi-Town (14:47)
06. Tramin BF 309 (14:33)

Kobe (Reconstruction) is arguably the first of two records apparently published to raise money (?) for the reconstruction of Japan after the Kobe earthquake and then sold exclusively in Japan (?!).

None of the music contained in these records is new: they present just one long track per album, which is a hodgepodge of released and unreleased jam snippets from 1969/1970; most of the themes are well known to Düül fans even if the titles are misleading and do not mention them.

Historically this could have some importance for the unreleased material, which summarily hints at Düül II's method of composition in the old days: spontaneous jams are then organized in parts with the addition of previously composed material to forge songs such as Soap Shop Rock (of which we have some parts on here too).

Anyway, the piece's structure is offensively deceptive, with continuous audio editing and mixing themes which do not fit each other at all, meaning that the result is dodgy, confused, dilated, boring and seems to go nowhere. The complete absence of sung parts makes it even harder to sit through the whole listening.

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