zondag 21 november 2010

Alphataurus - 1994 - Dietro L'Uragano

Dietro L'Uragano
(Recorded 1973)

01. Ripensando E.... (6:29)
02. Valigie Di Terra (10:28)
03. Idea imcompiuta (1:52)
04. Claudette (13:58)

- Alphonso Oliva / bass
- Pietro Pellegrini / keyboards
- Giorgio Santandrea / drums and vocals
- Guido Wasserman / guitars 

Their debut is in my top three RPI albums of all time,and if pressed i would say it's number one.As they went into the studio to record their follow-up album the singer left.I'm not sure if he left during the recordings or before, but regardless the band recorded this album with the idea that vocals would be used.So without a vocalist they scrapped the album even though they recorded the instrumental parts. Fast forward many years and Mellow Records released this album as it was, without vocals.The problem is that it sounds so incomplete without them because they obviously planned on vocals being used here.The two things i love about their debut,the heaviness and the vocals are missing here.Then add how naked this feels without vocals and i have a hard time giving this 3 stars.The keyboards are much more dominant and honestly the guitar seems to be missing in action. Highlights for me are the last 2 minutes of "Ripensando E..." where it gets heavier.Also there's a good section on "Valigie Di Terra" around 7 minutes and later at 7 1/2 minutes when it gets heavier. "Idea Imcompiuta" is a short jazzy piece,while "Claudette" the longest track doesn't do much for me at all.The drummer adds some almost spoken vocals on that one.

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