zondag 28 november 2010

Amon Düül II - 1997 - Flawless

Amon Düül II

01. Nada Cairo (6:47)
02. Surrounded By The Stars (7:26)
03. Castaneda Da Dream (In Another World) (3:44)
04. Wie Der Wind Am Ende Einer Strasse (5:42)
05. Kiss Ma Eee (5:16)
06. Cerberus (4:17)
07. Speed Inside My Shoes (2:52)
08. La Paloma (2:34)
09. Nada Moonshine Union (6:55)
10. Dancing On Fire (5:20)
11. Jam 71 (9:16)
12. What You Gonna Do? (5:00)
13. Jim Hai Jam Uk 96 (6:21) 

Flawless i bought from a rare cd company about 5 years ago and i bought this as i knew it was rare and was gklad i got it,i wouldnt say its the best amon duul 11 album but some songs are worth having,the songs which i still enjoy now are reworkings of [i think there reworkings],surrounded by the stars from [wolf city] which is excellent i think as its got a guitar solo with part of the german national anthem in it which goes in the song very well which i still enjoy everytime i listen to it,castaneda da dream[in another world] is a good song to which is of nada moonshine which i enjoy everytime i listen to it,wie der wind am ende einer strasse is a good reworking of this from wolf city and is enjoyable to,and la poloma from made in germany another reworking which is good as the guitar sounds good,i wouldnt say this is a excellent cd but the songs ive said about are worth having as there good and enjoyable,surrounded by the stars on this cd i play twice as its a good version and sometimes like it better than the original version of the song same goes with the other songs ive mentioned,i give it 3 stars just for the songs ive mentioned as there really worth having,i bought this cd for £12.99 and still listen to it 5 years after buying it when i want to listen to amon duul 11 but thats only the songs ive mentioned,give it a go just for the versions of the songs i mentioned.

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