dinsdag 9 november 2010

Ahava Raba - 1999 - Kete Kuf

Ahava Raba
Kete Kuf

01. Ack Singt
02. Armenian 5
03. Kopanitja
04. Kete Kuf - Akatipana
05. Howe Leg Na Rogle
06. Shalocho
07. Geamparale
08. Kurze Turkmenische Schnitte
09. Chowdi


Based in Berlin, Ahava Raba began when frontman Simon Jakob Drees penned Howe Leg Na Rogle in August 1993. Four months later, the group released their first CD. Drees then traveled for six months the following year through Turkmenistan, India, Tibet, China, Russia, Tuva and more, to learn and experience more musical cultures and influences. Named for the Jewish (specifically, Ashkenaz cantorial) harmonic/melodic mode of music, also known as Freygish, upon which much traditional Jewish music is based, Ahava Raba does not aim to be a synthesis of western and eastern cultures' musics, but instead to absorb them, even while becoming freed of playing 'traditionally.' Incorporating a variety of musical styles including Tuvan throat singing, the band released the excellent and eclectic Kete Kuf on Tzadik in 1999


Jewish music and throat singing? Wow!




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