dinsdag 9 november 2010

Agora - 1975 - Live In Montreux

Live In Montreux

1. Penetrazione (5:20)
2. Serra s Querico (8:33)
3. Serra s Querico II (6:40)
4. Acqua Celeste (6:00)
5. Lorto di Ovidio (5:24)

- Roberto Bacchiocchi / keyboards, vocals
- Ovidio Urbani / saxophone
- Renato Gasparini / guitar, vocals
- Paolo Colafrancesco / bass, vocals
- Mauro Mencaroni / drums, vocals

The Italian fusion band Agora debuted with this recording from their gig at the Montreux jazz festival from 1974.
The sound of the recording isn't impeccable but it's good enough to show a band with a very confident and fluent interplay between the musicians. The music is very jazzy with some melodious elements. Very soothing, relaxing and skilfully played. The setlist is quite varied. Penetrazione has a bass line that reminds me of Coltrane's Love Supreme, Serra S Querico I is more upbeat and slightly funky. Part II of that track and Aqua Deleste are somewhat busier, varying guitar and saxophone solos. L'Orto Di Ovidio is gentle and atmospheric like the opener. None of the pieces are really outstanding but everything will sure be appreciated by jazz-rock enthusiasts.
If anything, the live album shows a talented band that needed a bit more time to grow into something really outstanding. Good album for fans.

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