zaterdag 13 november 2010

Albatros - 1976 - Albatros


01. A Man Lie me (19:49)
02. Sundriver (11:32)
03. Garden Of Eden (10:13)

- Peter Breitbarth / guitar
- Thomas Büscher / drums
- Achim Hubricht / bass
- Harald Hubricht / keyboards
- Christian Köppen / piano
- Hansi Köppen / vocals
- Jürgen Polzin / congas, PA 

ALBATROS only had one album, in which they were invited into a studio to record. The 3 songs written had to be shortened to fit an LP format. However, this one album was the only effort that we heard from ALBATROS, and that's a shame because their theatric and complex arrangements similar to early GENESIS and EMERSON, LAKE & PALMER, were great to hear, they had a very distinct sound. The band was a sextet and consisted of Peter Breitbarth on guitar, Thomas Büscher on drums, Achim Hubricht on bass, Harald Hubricht on keyboards, Christian Köppen on piano, Hansi Köppen on vocals and Jürgen Polzin on congas.

Of course, "Garden of Eden" is recommended, the songs included on it were actual shortened versions of the real arrangements even though they seem extended anyways. It was the only album from them and now that it's on CD, it's a tad easier to find even though there were only 500 pressings of this album.

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