zaterdag 13 november 2010

Alamo - 1971 - Alamo


01. Got To Find Another Way – 04:36
02. Soft And Gentle – 07:00
03. The World We Seek – 03:36
04. Question Raised – 04:44
05. Bensome Changes – 03:35
06. All New People – 04:49
07. Get The Feelin’ – 06:01
08. Happiness Is Free – 04:18

Some pretty decent music to be found on this one. I might have even rated it with another half star had I liked Ken Woodley's vocals better. He sounds like a cross between Lemmy from Motorhead and Joe Cocker. If that sounds like a winning combination, and you like organ driven hard rock in the vein of Bloodrock or Atomic Rooster, than this record should be of interest. There is one cut that I would consider a real overlooked gem, and that is "Soft And Gentle". That cut alone makes this one a winner.

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