woensdag 10 november 2010

Ainigma - 1973 - Diluvium


01. Prejudice (5:33)
02. You Must Run (7:31)
03. All Things Are Fading (5:15)
04. Diluvium (17:51)
05. Thunderstorm* (5:15)

- Willy Klüter / organ, lead vocals
- Wolfgang Netzer / guitar, bass, backing vocals
- Michael Klüter / drums

Originally released as a private pressing. Re-released on vinyl by Little Wing of Refugees and Angel Soundroom with a bonus track noted with * in track listing.

An other mysterious, dark stoner rock effort from 70's Germany. Ainigma only release one album which is a pure krautrock classic, totally explosive in terms of emotions, obviously rocking and lovely psychedelic. "Prejudice" starts with dreamlike introspective organ atmospheres then rapidly catch the essence of a jam session, with abundant improvised Hammond organs, heavy guitars. "All things are fading" is a moody, depressive but furiously rocking with damaged riffs and sad guitar solos. The only default comes from the vocals which are rather weak. "Diluvium" is a standard heavy rock epic with melancholic guitar breaks, touching melodies, dynamic, captivating organ melodies. "Thunderstorm" features ultra doom like heavy guitars (closed to German Oak), weird, chaotic improvised ambiences. This one can't be missed by fans of vintage space rock and early krautrock. 

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