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The 4 Levels Of Existence
The 4 Levels Of Existence

01. Metamorphic (3:30)
02. When The Snow Melts (3:01)
03. The Village Postman (3:59)
04. Wilderness (3:05)
05. The Fool's Trumpet (3:50)
06. Our Fight (3:38)
07. Disappointment (3:31)
08. Child's Song (4:34)
09. Untitled (2:35)
10. Someday In Athens (4:36)

- Athanasios Alatas / rhythm guitar, acoustic guitar
- Christos Vlahakis / drums, percussion
- Marios Yamalakis / bass, voices
- Nick Grapsas / lead guitar, voices

THE 4 LEVELS OF EXISTENCE (TA 4 ΕΠΙΠΕΔΑ ΤΗΣ ΥΠΑΡΞΗΣ) were formed in 1974, just under the political change in Greece.

Athanasios ALATAS (rhythm guitar, acoustic guitar) and Christos VLAHAKIS (drums, percussion), formally two members of Frog's Eye (a local rock band in Agios Fanouris), moved to Sepolia with Marios YAMALAKIS (bass, voices) and Nick DOUNAVIS (lead guitar) and made a decision to play their original rock different from other pop bands in Greece. At the big concert for Cyprus they could make a great success and later won third place in the big musical competition by EIRT TV.

In the following year, as a new lead guitarist, Nick GRAPSAS took the place of the previous Nick and THE 4 LEVELS OF EXISTENCE came to perfection. They created new psychedelic sounds with their sensitivity and dynamism, and lyrics all in Greek.

1976 became the greatest (and simultaneously the saddest) year for them - THE 4 LEVELS OF EXISTENCE could sign a Greek record label Venus and surprisingly they could complete the eponymous album for only ten hours. They gave their one and only concert shortly after the release of this album, and became a legend anytime soon.

Their album was reissued as a vinyl LP by Wipe Out! in 1996, as a CD by Lion (US) in 2005, and as downloadable material on CDBaby by EIKONAXOS in 2009.

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