woensdag 27 oktober 2010

The Action - 1967 - Rolled Gold

Rolled Gold

01. Come around
02. Something to say
03. Love is all
04. Icarus
05. Strange Roads
06. Things you cannot see
07. Brain
08. Look at the view
09. Climbing up the wall
10. Really doesn't matter
11. I'm a stranger
12. Little boy
13. Follow me
14. In my dream
15. In my dream (Demo)

*Reg King (lead vocals)
*Alan 'Bam' King (lead guitar, vocals)
*Peter Watson (guitar)
*Mike "Ace" Evans (bass guitar, vocals)
*Roger Powell (drums)

The Action were the other great English band produced by George Martin in the 1960s: London mods who pressed guitar havoc and the airtight pop of Martin's star clients, the Beatles, into a sparkling R&B sealed by the exquisite agony of singer Reg King. After their '65-'67 singles with Martin fell shy of hitsville, the Action cut their own set of demos. But the band broke up, and the tapes were shelved -- until now. Rolled Gold has an unfinished air, but that can't hide the invention in the Action's acid soul: the rolling wah-wah-guitar thunder in "Brain"; the snorting fuzz and dirty-cherub harmonies in "Follow Me." The huge jangle and magnetic chorus of "Something to Say" would make Oasis ache with envy. The Action never became stars, but Rolled Gold justifies the legend.

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