vrijdag 22 oktober 2010

Achtzehn Karat Gold 1974 - Al-Bumm

Achtzehn Karat Gold  

01. Going home
02. Come on Monday
03. Flying
04. Goldrush
05. Star-eyed
06. Dr. Stein
07. Elektric infected
08. I am just a man
09. See me in your dreams
10. If my guru would know
11. Cool

- Jörg Evers / guitar
- Keith Forsey / drums
- Klaus Ebert / guitar
- Lothar Meid / bass

Releases information
LP United Artists UAS 29559

An early supergroup borne out of the prolific Munich scene fronted by American-German Klaus Ebert. The idea behind 18 Karat Gold seems to have been to present Krautrock in a commercial dilute form to the pop public, but not surprisingly, the idea didn't work on any level, and the band barely lasted a year. Much of the time Achtzehn Karat Gold made their living by working as pop singer Peter Maffay's backing band. Their sole album contained a few minor surprises, but considering the calibre of the musicians, it is generally a disappointing and rather average record, hinting at the direction Amon Düül II were to take in the late-70's.

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