woensdag 27 oktober 2010

Aeroblus - 1977 - Aeroblus


01. Vamos a buscar la luz
02. Completamente nervioso
03. Tema solisimo
04. Arboles difusores
05. Vendriamos a buscar
06. Aire en movimiento
07. Vine cruzando el ma
08. Nada estoy sabiendo
09. Sofisticuatro
10. Buen tiempo

Jesus Napolitano Pappo: Guitar, Vocals
Alejandro Medina: Bass, Vocals
Rolando Castello Junio: Drums

Aeroblus -actually it should be "aeroblues", but the band’s name was misspelled on purpose-, it was a trio formed by Pappo with a Brazilian drummer, Júnior; and the bassist Alejandro Medina that was an ex-member of Manal and other Argentine erratic and tasty projects such Billy Bond y La Pesada for instance; adding to this, the bassist and vocalist Enrique Avellaneda, who is featured in some track, as well.
The album it’s short, as usually happened with these heavy rock LPs released in Argentina during the 70s, particularly by the local Music Hall label (strangely this one was released by Philips that, if I’m not wrong, it is or it was a subsidiary of Polygram); and besides being short, "Aeroblus" it’s stylistically, dare one say “samey”, showcasing a heavy blues/proto metal with not too many variants...but in spite of this, the tunes are truly great, and the spirit, the sound of the band has a power that unavoidably moves you, if you can tell a good from a mediocre band in this genre, and Aeroblus belongs clearly to the league of the good ones.
Aeroblus shows-off some groove and sophistication at the same time, especially I note the strength in the Alejandro Medina’s voice -in the songs he sings-, which it’s quite spectacular. The Pappo’s voice hasn’t that grit and stamina, on the other hand, though he was an original and fine composer and a fantastic guitarist; also his lyrics are obscure and semi-philosophical for moments; getting well fit in to the (for 1977) quite apocalyptic sound.
Apparently the "Aeroblus" project was engendered in Brazil, where Pappo and Medina met the drummer Júnior Castello from the band Patrulha do Espaço (band that would release an album in the mid 80s with Pappo himself as stable member)...the recordings for "Aeroblus", the album, were finished in Buenos Aires, with a rather low-budget production: nonetheless the technical quality is pretty decent.
I have several favourite tracks to pick from here: “Vine cruzando el mar”, “Nada estoy sabiendo”, “Buen tiempo” (with a killing-heavy wah-wah), “Completamente nervioso”, and the enigmatic “Vendríamos a buscar”, that years later Pappo re-recorded with a different title: “La adivina”, graced with mysterious lyrics that in some moment say:
“If you accepted, it’s because you were with the fortune-teller; and she told you, that we would come for you…”

This album is quite unknown, maybe unfairly , but as final pseudo footnote, I’d like to say that its lyrics are important in context and form: to some extent, the listener who can not understand them, won’t appreciate fully the LP in its intriguing or suggested parts; and incredibly these parts exist, they are there.

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