donderdag 28 oktober 2010

Affinity - 2002 - If You Live (recorded 1969-1970)

If You Live
(recorded 1969-1970)

1. Eli's Coming [Single] (3:28)
2. United States of Mind [Single] (2:45)
3. Yes Man (7:22)
4. If You Live (3:12)
5. I Am the Walrus  (4:04)
6. You Met Your Match (2:59)
7. Long Voyage (4:17)
8. Little Lonely Man (3:57)

- Mo Foster / percussion, guitar (bass), double bass
- Linda Hoyle / vocals
- Lynton Naiff / percussion, piano, harpsichord, organ (Hammond), piano (electric), vibraphone, Wurlitzer
- Grant Serpell / percussion, drums 

Excellent early jazz-rock/blues/pop/psychedelic band recorded and released just one album during their existence. Really pity!
This album is compilation of their singles, outtakes and unreleased materials. As often with such releases, you can't compare it with regular album, but sometimes such releases contain interesting material for fans. Same case is there - if you never heard Affinity's music, just start from their excellent debut/only album. But if you listened it and love their music, as I am, then try to find this release. You wouldn't be disappointed.
Main thing which attracts on this album - even from such eclectic material you can hear how huge potency had this band! Linda Hoyle is great vocalist, a bit in a manner of Julie Driscoll, and compositions all are melodic, with fantastic atmosphere of their time. Being a eclectic compilation, no strange songs are too different to sound as regular album. But - you will find some brilliant moments here, between some average and raw songs.
Stylistically, album's music is eclectic mix or r'n'b, early bluesy jazz rock, psychedelic pop and rock. Main difference with debut album is there are some great songs and some average songs. On their only studio album there are no fillers at all. But as rare possibility to hear some additional materials, this album is great release for band's fans.

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