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Acqua Fragile - 1974 - Mass Media Stars

Acqua Fragile
Mass Media Stars

01. Cosmic Mind Affiar (7:22)
02. Bar Gazing (5:07)
03. Mass-Media Stars (6:55)
04. Opening Act (5:40)
05. Professor (6:49)
06. Coffee Song (5:57)

- Gino Campanini / guitar, mandolin, guitar (electric), vocals
- Piero Canavera / guitar, percussion, vocals
- Franz Dondi / bass
- Claudio Fabi / piano
- Bernardo Lanzetti / guitar, guitar (electric), vocals, guitar (8 String)
- Maurizio Mori / keyboards, vocals

A definite improvement over their self-titled debut, and a decided turn into a more progressive direction. The PFM parallel still applies, though even more pronounced this time, with a greater role for Maurizio Mori's keys. On their previous outing, he was pretty much limited to organ and piano. This time, he adds synthesizers and Mellotron to proceedings, adding much symphonic depth.
The chief standout is the opening track, "Cosmic Mind Affair", full of bright harmonies, winsome melodies and memorable keyboard riffs. In fact, the whole album is packed with the sumptuous, CSN-derived vocal harmonies which were the saving grace of their first album. Bernardo Lanzetti still sounds unnervingly like Roger Chapman. If you're a Family fan (as I am), this won't be a problem. If not, at least console yourself with the knowledge that he does indeed sound better in harmony than solo.

There's at least one interesting Acqua Fragile website out there:


Similarly, Lanzetti and Dondi both have  a web presence, but there also in Italian (funny since Lanzetti spent some of his teen years living in Texas):



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