maandag 25 oktober 2010

Abacus - 1973 - Midway


01. Let's Face The Voice And Dance
02. Including Revelation
03. Me And You
04. 11 Garden
05. You Are Not The One I Love
06. For The Moment
07. Be Beholding
08. Hermann The German
09. Here We Go
10. Midway

 - Chris Williams / vocal
- Charlie Schade / guitar, sitar
- Chris Barutzky / keyboards
- Klaus Kohlhase / bass
- Allan Warren / drums, percussion

For my money, this is Abacus' most underrated album. True, beyond the excellent, lengthy, largely instrumental title track, there's not much prog, but it's definitely much more alive than EVERYTHING YOU NEED was. And much more of that Kinks-y charm that oozed through the better moments of said predecessor. Chris Williams is in fine voice throughout.
"11 Garden" is this particular album's "quirky tune". "Let's Face The Voices and Dance" and "Including Revelation" are virtually two parts of a whole, with the same fine guitar rhythm throughout. Nice synth work on "For The Moment", too.

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