vrijdag 22 oktober 2010

39.4 - 1972 - 39.4


01. Fe
02. Detras De La Mascara
03. Perdedores, Ganadores
04. Mas Alto
05. Locura
06. Yo Puedo Vivir Sin Ti
07. Mujer De Todos Los Dias
08. Ciudad Express
09. Dejarte Libre
10. Ciudadano Electronico

Awesome Mexican jazz-rock. Take, if you will, the brass-infused sound that characterized bands like Chicago and Blood, Sweat & Tears. Then, remove defining elements like Terry Kath and classical pretenses. Following that, be sure to add a tighter and funkier rhythm section. Ladies and gents, you've just discovered Guadalajara's criminally-underrated 39.4. Though the song titles are in Spanish, the words are all in English. Most Mexican bands did that back then. Luckily, unlike many of their peers, 39.4's vocalist didn't have an accent. His delivery is very much in line with the gruff 70s voices that were showcased in the aforementioned American bands.

Considering they operated in early 70s Mexico, the quality of 39.4's music is outstanding. If you're a fan of Chicago or BS&T, do not pass this up! You will definitely fall in love with this band's work.

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