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Abel Ganz - 1994 - The Deafening Silence

Abel Ganz
The Deafening Silence

01. Look At Me Now (6:14)
02. The Radical Departs (5:04)
03. The Deafening Silence (5:41)
04. Hold The Moment (5:07)
05. Serendipity (7:55)
06. Stranger In Your Heart (6:27)
07. It's Different Now (6:43)

- Christopher Forsyth / vocals
- Robert Wilson / guitars, back vocals
- Stuart Clyde / keyboards, vocals
- Hugh Carter / bass, back vocals
- Colin Johnson / drums, back vocals

UK act ABEL GANZ was formed in 1980, with keyboardist Hew Montgomery and multi-instrumentalist Hugh Carter as the founding members. Malky McNiven (guitars) and Ken Weir (drums) fleshed out the initial line-up of the band.

Abel Ganz soon became a regular feature in the Glasgow live scene, and after some time they decided that it was time to add a vocalist to their line-up. Cue Alan Reed, formerly of Trance Macabre. He came aboard in time to partake in the recording of their first album "Gratuitous Flash" which was released in 1983. Regular live shows, airplay and an appearance at the Radio Clyde Kelvingrove festival increased their stature. This didn't always have a positive side to it though. Reed's performances had been noticed by UK act Pallas, who were in need of a new vocalist. He was asked to join them and accepted, and stayed on as the vocalist of Pallas until early 2010.

This was just one of many line-up changes to befall Abel Ganz at that point in time though. McNiven left, to be replaced by Paul Kelly (guitars). He also took over the vacant job as lead vocalist. Carter decided to step down as a band member as well, replaced by Gordon Mackie (bass). The band changed, and so did their level of activity. By the mid 80's Abel ganz was busier than ever before in the live circuit, and a new album saw the light of day in 1985 as well - "Gullibles Travels". They were signed to French label M.S.I. soon after, and with Denis Smith (drums) in as a regular member and guest appearances from former members Reed and Kelly a new album saw the light of day in 1988: "The Dangers of Strangers".

The 90's proved to be a troublesome decade for Abel Ganz. Montgomery left the band, and was replaced by Stuart Clyde (keyboards). This latest line-up started venturing towards more AOR tinged musical waters on the band's fourth effort "The Deafening Silence", and with some less than stellar management at the time as well it was eventually decided that the band was best left in the annals of history.

Cue 2001, and a chance encounter between the founding members Montgomery and Carter. This lead to the resurrection of Abel Ganz, with Denis Smith (drums), Davie Mitchell (guitars) and Steven Donnelly (bass) fleshing out this new version of the band. A vocalist was still missing though, but eventually Mick MacFarlane hooked up with Abel Ganz. This revitalized version of Abel Ganz came up with a new album in 2008, "Shooting Albatross", and are still active. The last known news from them is that they are working on a new studio effort.

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