dinsdag 26 oktober 2010

Ache - 1976 - Pictures From Cyclus 7

Pictures From Cyclus 7

01. Cyclus 7, Introduction (3:20)
02. Roses (Registering) (6:17)
03. Still hungry (Vampyre song) (7:03)
04. What Can We Do? (0:47)
05. Still registering (2:53)
06. Our Lives (5:53)
07. Last Part 1 (1:02)
08. Outtroduction (4:07)
09. Last Part 2 (1:45)
10. Expectation (6:48)

- Stig Kreutzfeldt / vocals, percussion
- Johnnie Gellett / vocals, percussion, acoustic guitar
- Finn Olafsson / guitars
- Peter Mellin / keyboards, harmony vocals
- Steen Toft Andersen / bass
- Gert Smedegaard / drums

This is a marvelously accessible record, so much so I'd say it would be a great pick to play for someone who's not sure if they like prog, to break them in. If Dennis Deyoung sang vocals on this you could mistake it for a lost late 70s Styx album. There is a fair amount of cheese factor to parts of it but this is forgivable because there is just enough payoff to make this an interesting release. Bouncy and melodic in spots with a nice mix of textures and pretty good sound on the CD. Nice acoustic interludes pop up here and there. The vocals are very good and the band is able enough, though I was found myself wishing they would tear into a little more aggressive guitar work than they do. I guess that's why I can't go to 4 stars personally, while I like the record, it just seems stuck in mid gear a bit too much.
The photo on the back cover is almost worth the price of admission alone, reminding me of what fun was being had in the late 70s euro-prog scene. Let's just say there may well have been a great party the night that photo was taken! If you want a pleasant and solid album you can sing along to, go for it. Just don't expect anything too serious.

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