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6 Feet Under - 1969 - In Retrospect

 6 Feet Under 
In Retrospect

01. Inspiration in My Head
02. Freedom Listen Listen
03. What Would You Do?
04. Baby I Want to Love You
05. In Retrospect
06. Fields
07. Running Around in the Sun [Reference Mix]
08. Black Movies[Instrumental]
09. Six Feet Under Theme
10. Suzy Q
11. City Blues
12. In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida
13. Basement Jam
14. Sonix Commercial
15. Inspiration in My Head [Alternate Take][Instrumental]
16. Freedom [Live]
17. What Would You Do?
18. Fields [45 Version]
19. Boogie Man Bash

Jerry Dobb and Scott Julian formed the Marc 5 in 1966 in Colonia, New Jersey. Later known as the Sonix, they decided to change musical direction in 1968 and new personnel were secured to form Six Feet Under. The first drummer didn't last long, his seat being taken by Hector "Tico" Torres (. By 1970, seeking a recording contract, another shake-up resulted in the exit of Torres and the acquisition of a young female vocalist to strengthen that department.

The CD retrospective comprises nineteen tracks - eight studio, five home recordings plus live and radio spots. It showcases the width of the bands hippie-acid-psych repertoire, sounding like Ill Wind one minute and Iron Butterfly the next. An excellent and welcome release with a fascinating history and track-by-track breakdown from Jerry Dobbs. And as Jerry points out, ironically it was only ousted drummer Torres who found real success and fame. After returning home to Sayerville, he'd bounce back after teaming up with a promising youngster called Jon Bon Jovi...

Six Feet Under Theme, an unreleased '68 effort, resurfaced on 30 Seconds Before The Calico Wall (CD) and their unreleased cover of Iron Butterfly's In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida on Beyond The Calico Wall (CD). Their first 45 occupies similar territory - heavy acid-rock with hippie undertones.

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