maandag 25 oktober 2010

Ablution - 1974 - Ablution


01. Bluegaloo
02. Woodchurch Sorceress
03. Kokt Tvätt
04. The Nard Finished Third
05. Equator
06. Third Meter Stroll
07. The Visitor

Ola Brunkert : drums, percussion
Malando Gassama : percussion
John Gustafson : bass
Jayson Lindh : flute, Fender piano
Pete Robinson : keys
Jan Schaffer : guitar
Barry de Souza : drums, trumpet

Swedish based large scale jazz rock ensemble, with hot playing from all. Organ, guitar, multiple percussion, piano and, best of all, Bjorn J:Son Lindh freaking out on flute all over this! Has a “Lotus” era Santana vibe going.

Ola Brunkert who sadly passed away in 2008 was also ABBA's first drummer and co/author of their first hit Ring Ring

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