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Absolute Elsewhere - 1976 - In Search Of Ancient Gods

Absolute Elsewhere
In Search Of Ancient Gods

01. Earthbound (9:10)
- a. Earthbound
- b. Future Past
02. Moon City (4:50)
03. Miracles Of The Gods (11:45)
- a. Miracles Of The Gods
- b. El Endrillado
- c. The Legend Of Santa Cruz
- d. Pyramids Of Teotihuacan
- e. Temple Of The Inscriptions
04. The Gold Of The Gods (2:35)
05. Toktela (1:35)
06. Chariots Of The Gods (10:35)
07. Return To The Stars (9:55)

- Paul Fishman / synthesisers, sequencers, flute, electric and acoustic pianos, Mellotron, string synthesisers
- William (Bill) Bruford / percussion
- Phillip Saatchi / bass guitar
- Jon Astrop / bass guitar
- Kim Mackrell /cello (6)

ABSOLUTE ELSEWHERE is basically a solo effort by one Paul FISHMAN. He wrote it all, arranged it, played all the instruments (synths, sequencers, flute, pianos, mellotron) except guitars & percussion. "In Search of Ancient Gods" is an instrumental album that's a musical interpretation of Erich Von Daniken's books. This is a real fine album of HELDON meets CRIMSON and Alan PARSONS with tons of mellotrons. This is recommended to diehard fans of BRUFORD on drums or to fans of early synthesizer albums. 

This is obviously one of this stuff from the 70s (and actually there was plenty like this most of them very difficult to get in original nowadays) that might be quite enjoyable together with "1 or 2 pints and one of those old herbal cigarettes" (I like this expression of my Irish co-reviewer). It's a kind of music one really has to be into, as the contradicting reviews show already. Don't conclude from the appearance of great drummer BILL BRUFORD to any ressemblance to his other works. The theme of the album are DAENIKEN's doubtful theories about some visitors from far outer space in ancient years. And actually the music fits quite well to the topic. Very spheric synths, often sounding rather cheap, sometimes almost like an old computer game with many silent sections in between. There are some but very few moments to wake up where one might get an impression of the potential skill of the musicians (especially on side two). Parts on side one remind me of the type of music KITARO has been done, some others are a bit reminiscent of TANGERINE DREAM. IMHO this album is not really bad, but certainly only interesting for specialists and collectors in this genre. It probably owns some nostalgic value for some people or might appeal to fans of the mentioned artists and music style.

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