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5uu's - 1994 - Hunger's Teeth

Hunger's Teeth

01. Well... Not Chickenshit (6:35)
02. Roan (3:03)
03. Mangate (2:55)
04. Geronimo (4:51)
05. Glue (2:41)
06. Opportunity Bangs (5:18)
07. The Shears (1:25)
08. Bachelor Needle (2:16)
09. Truth, Justice, and the American Way (5:35)
10. Equus (5:06)
11. Traveler Waits for No One (3:27)

- Sanjay Kumar / keyboards
- David Kerman /drums, guitars, keyboards
- Bob Drake / vocals, basses, guitars, violins

- Thomas Dimuzio / electronics
- Susanne Lewis / vocals
- James Grigsby / guitar, vibes, bass
- Michelle Bos / utensils, penny fountain, skydiving ocarinas, metal tables, creaks, blue rocks
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Recommended (RéR 5uu1)

Dave Kerman founded his own band, the 5UU's, in 1984. Inspired by the European "Rock In Opposition" (RIO) movement's uncompromising stance, and devoted to a concept of song-oriented music with emphasis on short pieces, lyrics, and melodies, the 5UU's created a sound that was a distinctly American version of R.I.O.-inspired rock. Their music is a constantly changing stream of ideas, very complex, with irregular time sigs and liberal use of disonnance within their melodic framework. "Hunger's Teeth" is probably the best place to start for a symphonic prog fan trying to get into RIO. This is a group in the tradition of Henry COW, UNIVERS ZERO and U TOTEM. RIO fans will enjoy this music...!

What's this? The soundtrack to Jon Anderson's nightmares? Well, not quite, but there can be no denying that Bob Drake's vocal contributions are uncannily similar to that of Yes' impish frontman. The music, however, couldn't be more polarised. Dark, surreal, uncompromising, complex. 5uu's are avant-prog to the core, with a strong RIO iinfluence

This is tightly arranged, expertly produced and free from needlessly rambly passages (the longest track is a mere 6:35). It's important not to underestimate sense of harmony here either. RIO/avant-prog bands are sometimes accused of eschewing harmony and melody in favour of random discordance - not remotely so in this case. Dissonance is used appropriately and never seems gratuitous. After all, one track is even a tongue-in-cheek barber shop song!

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