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0.720 Aleacion - 1986 - 0.720 Aleacion

0.720 Aleacion
0.720 Aleacion

01. Caifan (1:19)
02. Tarahumara (5:01)
03. Antes Que Amanezca (4:25)
04. Danzante (4:39)
05. Templo Mayo (3:49)
06. Campana Del Silencio (3:52)
07. El Corredor (4:15)
08. Para Estos Tiempos Tan Ciertos (4:25)

Bonus tracks from video shoot "Memorias del Olivido"

09. Y Retiemble En SU Centro (1:00)
10. Todos Otra Vez (0:42)
11. Y Ora Pa' Donde (0:53)
12. Pese A Todo (1:02)
13. Huapango De La Reconstruccion (1:54)
14. Hijos Del Averno (0:33)
15. San Juan De Letran (1:00)
16. Eolo Aqui (0:54)
17. Las Casiitas (0:22)

0.720 Aleación was a one album group that arose from the dust of the great Mexico City earthquake of 1985. They appear to have been together just to record a self titled album and a latter performed at benefits for the victims. The group consisted of Job Hernandez on bass, Carlos Castro on drums, Abraham Vinas on flute, Carlos Torres on violin, and Eduardo Zamarripa on guitar. The styles were described by the band themselve as a hodgepode of Canterbury, Krautrock, Spanish , Italian and French prog. The overriding inlfluence comes from, again in the bands words, their indiginous roots.

The band left only one recording to us.. the maginificient and quite moving self titled album. It is highly recommended as a folk prog album with lots of influences from continental Europe thrown in as well.

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