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A.B. Skhy - 1969 - A.B. Skhy

A.B. Skhy 
A.B. Skhy

01. You Upset Me Baby 7:09
02. Just What I Need 3:30
03. It's Love Baby, 24 Hours a Day 2:29
04. Camel Back 5:06
05. Understand 5:36
06. Love Isn't 4:09
07. Of All Sad Words 3:08
08. Love May Cure That 5:09

Dennis Geyer (guitar, vocals)
Jim Marcotte (bass)
Terry Anderson (drums, vocals)
Howard Wales (keyboards)
James Curley Cooke (guitar, vocals)
Rick Jaeger (percussion)

A.B. Skhy was a blues-rock quartet from San Francisco consisting of guitarist Dennis Geyer, keyboard player Howard Wales, bass player Jim Marcotte, and drummer Terry Andersen. This lineup made the group's debut album, A.B. Skhy, in 1969, with a seven-piece horn section. The album failed to chart, but the instrumental "Camel Back" hit number 100 on the Hot 100 for one week in December. Andersen and Wales then left and were replaced by guitarist James "Curley" Cooke and drummer Rick Jaeger for the group's second album, Ramblin' On (1970), which was produced by Kim Fowley. They broke up during the recording of their third album.

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