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A Bolha - 1973 - Um Passo A Frente

A Bolha
Um Passo A Frente

01. Um Passo a Frente (9:10)
02. Razão de Existir (4:39)
03. Bye My Friend) (2:59)
04. Epitáfio (6:06)
05. Tempos Constantes) (5:38)
06. A Esfera (3:42)
07. Neste Rock Forever (10:07)
08. Sem Nada (3:48)
09. 18.30-Parte 1/Os Hemadecons Cantavam Em Coro Chôôôô (5:31)

Luíz Eça (Piano (Electric)
Mauricio Maestro (Piano)
Tomás Improta (Piano)
Ion Muniz (Flute,Saxophone)
Renato Ladeira (Guitar, Organ Hammond, Vocals, Farfisa Organ)
Arnaldo Brandão (Vocals, Baixo)
Gustavo Schroeter (Vocals, Bateria)
Pedro Lima (Guitar Acoustic, Piano, Vocals)
Lincoln Bittencourt (Vocals, Baixo)

This group formed in 1965 as the Bubbles and made their first single in 1966 -- two versions of hits by the Rolling Stones and the Shakers (a Uruguayan group).
Upon returning to Brazil (they saw the Isle of Wight Festival in England), they decided to re-formulate themselves in a more Brazilian fashion and became A Bolha. To their chagrin, they were already well-established as the Bubbles and as a dance group. On their first gig after returning from London, the ballroom was crowded with 5,000 people, in the beginning; by the end, there remained 500. Moreover, the bill at the door said: "The Bubbles back from Isle of Wight!"
But they retained the nerve and swagger to affirm their new selves. And in 1971 came their single "Sem Nada," with co-author, playwright Geraldo Carneiro, who is also a partner of various artists such as Egberto Gismonti, Tom Jobim, Astor Piazzola, Wagner Tiso, and Eduardo Souto Neto, a well-known conductor and producer. Working with Ivan Lins, Simone, and others since '70s, the latter was a runner-up in the VI Festival Internacional da Canção (the famous Brazilian version of the Eurovision Song Contest) and A Bolha won the Best Group Award.
The first LP, Um Passo à Frente, was recorded in 1973, and their second, É Proibido Fumar, in 1977. The only constant member in the band's career was guitarist Renato Fronzi Ladeira, son of Renata Fronzi, a well-known Brazilian actress. A Bolha members played with illustrious Brazilian artists like Gal Costa and Erasmo Carlos. They also fragmented into many other groups, such as A Cor do Som, Herva Doce, and others.

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