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5uu's - 1996 - Point Of Views

Point Of Views

01. Theme from Marduk & Tiamat (2:23)
02. The Scale of Life (3:20)
03. Compromisation (3:04)
04. Loyalty to Creation (2:20)
05. Ancient Internationalism (4:03)
06. The Fear of Life(After Death) (3:46)
07. Sporting (3:55)
08. Magic, Dogma and Faith (2:52)
09. Misery Loves Company (2:11)
10. Hot & Cold Frog (3:41)
11. Ignominies (5:12)
12. Imperfections (4:23)
13. Resentments (3:59)
14. Acknowledgements (1:43)
15. Elements (2:35)
16. In Life's Hands (4:55)
17. The Artist (3:36)
18. Causes of Merit (2:42)
19. The Futility of Oneness (6:41)
20. Carousel of Progress (5:26)

Total Time: 73:27

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Line-up / Musicians

- Jon Beck / bass
- Greg Conway / guitar
- David Kerman / drums, keyboards, piano, guitar
- Curt Wilson / vocals
- Randy Coleman / guitar
- Dan Malouin / bass
- Jim Norman / piano
- Lynn Johnston / woodwinds
- Chuck Turner / keyboards
- Ken Ando / guitar
- Sanjay Kumar / keyboards
- James Grigsby / bass, keyboards, guitar, vibes, snake flute, trumpet
- Emily Hay / flute
- Becky Heninger / cello
- Gene Carl / piano
- Eric Johnson / bassoon
- Chuck Turner / keyboards
Releases information

Cuneiform (rune 85)

Composed from the group's two early albums on the legendary Recommended Record (ReR) label plus bonus tracks (from singles or label samplers), now re-issued on the great and no-less legendary Cuneiform label and could've been called 5UU's 84-87. 5UU's debut album was definitely more accessible than Thinking Plague or Skeleton Crew, and this 2-on- 1 set of albums is a rather interesting deal for those willing to explore Kerman's group's early career.

The Bar Code single (here as track 9 & 10) is much in the line of the musical conduct of the group and could've easily fitted on the Marduk album, even if the luine up recording the single's songs is fairly different than on the album, but also having some musicians (Ando, Turnert, Johnston) as guest on the Elements album. .

But if you're like me and you prefer Elements, you're not likely to be that interested in these two albums presented on the same disc, partly because both albums are very differtent in moods and Marduk pales too much in comparison with Elements that it sounds almost like another group. As for the ReR sampler track, it comes from the following year and has the same basic line-up of Elements (without the Totemist Guild), but even if closely linked with Elements, it sounds sufficiently different (but nothing shocking either) but is not that welcome after such an outstanding album as Elements. I'd say that the general sound and production differences are too big to include them on the same disc.

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