woensdag 27 oktober 2010

Mick Abrahams - 1971 - Mick Abrahams

Mick Abrahams
Mick Abrahams

01. Greyhound bus
02. Awake
03. Winds of change
04. Why do you do me this way
05. Big queen
06. Not to rearrange
07. Seasons

1st album by British guitarist / vocalist Mick Abrahams, one of the most underrated guitar players in the history as far as I'm concerned. Abrahams first achieved recognition as a founding member of Jethro Tull, with the release of their debut album "This Was", where he plays some incredible guitar licks, which earned him comparisons with "God" Eric Clapton. A personality clash and musical differences between Abrahams and Ian Anderson led to his decision to leave Jethro Tull and form the brilliant Blodwyn Pig, one of the earliest and best Jazz-Rock / Blues Fusion bands ever. The original Blodwyn Pig lineup lasted just under two years and recorded two outstanding albums, breaking up prematurely. Abrahams then formed the Mick Abrahams Band, which is featured on this album. In later years Abrahams was to reform Blodwyn Pig and record several more album with that group (from the 1990s on) as well as leading the Mick Abrahams Band. His amazing guitar playing is unfortunately only recognized by a relatively small circle of fans, although in retrospect his consistently excellent performances in the last five decades are quite unparalleled. This album was recorded soon after the demise of the original Blodwyn Pig and features a great lineup of Mick on guitar, Bob Sargeant on keyboards and guitar, Walt Monaghan on bass and Ritchie Dharma on drums. The material, all written by Abrahams, is a great example of Blues-Rock, the genre in which Abrahams feels most comfortable. The album lost nothing of its charm and beauty and is certainly worth of an honorable place in any serious record collection.

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